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L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération...

Cahors - Malbec - Sud-Ouest

46700 Vire sur Lot
05 65 36 52 93

Sitting in the heart of the South-west, the Lot rhymes without contest with the gentleness of sweet life.

The perched villages of Quercy which show themselves to be little jewels, the vineyards along the valley of the Lot, the charm of the stone combined with soft pasture of the “causse” grazed by sheep and goats, sites of special interest (The Pont Valentré, Rocamadour, St Cirq Lapopie) of history and prehistory (the caves of Perche Merle, the Beach of the Pterosaurus) and also the rich gastronomy of the Lot, as many aces with which to enchant the lovers of authenticity.


Remarkable viewpoints: Come and enjoy a remarkable viewpoint on the vineyards of Vire-sur-Lot and Puy L'evêque from the square in front of the Château de Gaudou. A sea of vines will offer you a colorful show throughout the seasons. 

Our partner restaurants: 

Le Caillau - 46700 Vire sur Lot

L'esplanade - 24250 Domme 

Au Déjeuner de Sousceyrac – 46190 Sousceyrac

La Garenne – 46 Cahors

Lagarrigue  -  46 Cahors

Lou Bolat – 46330 St. Cirq Lapopie

L’Oustal  - 46330 St. Cirq Lapopie

Le Pont de L’ouysse – 46200 Lacave

Le Palais  - 46 Cahors

Le Quercy Bourian – 46340 Lavercantière

La Vénus  -  46220 Prayssac