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L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération...
Grand vin de Cahors separateur
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Réserve Caillau

A craftsman winemaker
Exclusively hand-picked, no mechanical transfer

History : Réserve de Caillau, taking its name from the hamlet which means “pebble” in Occitan, is the expression of an excellent wine, having no place for mechanisation, only the hands of the winemaker. A wine made with the complicity of Mother Nature and the passage of time, each playing his part to produce a vintage unlike any other.

Vineyards :  1 ha
Sol : gravel and clay
Terroir (land): third terrace.
Middle age of the vineyards : 60 years
Management of the vineyards : grass, disbudding, thin out the leaves, green harvest (for select green grapes).
Harvesting : hand harvesting, hand stemmer
Varieties : 100 % Malbec
Yield : < 20 hl/ha

Wine making : The grapes, hand-picked by the family, manual de-stalking so that fresh, whole grapes are brought to the vats. In the cellar they are crushed manually. The wine is then put in new barrels for ageing on the lees for eighteen to twenty months in the dark of the Gaudou cellars.
New oak barrel : 22 months

Tasting :
The sight : The wine has bright cherry red colour with a ruby hue.The nose : An intense and complex smell associated with hints of blackcurrant and blackberry with the aroma of toasting tobacco leaves. On aerating the wine in the glass, there evolve notes of flowers and kirsch.

The taste : The attack is soft, the main flavour is of soft tannin with a sensation of volume followed by aroma of roasting coffee.
Keeps for : more than 20 years
Best at : 1 at 12 years
Drink at : an ambient temperature. Decant 2 hours before serving.
With food :
An exceptional wine, soft and elegant. Perfect for a celebratory occation.